About the NNGM


The Norwegian Network on Geographies of Mobilities was established in 2012 in response to a call from the Research Council of Norway for networks that could contribute to strengthen geography research in Norway. The proposal for the network was developed by five founding institutions: The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), the Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO), the University of Agder (UiA), the University of Bergen (UiB), and the University of Oslo (UiO).


While mobility represents an increasingly prominent field in Norwegian geography with the potential to renew the discipline, mobility as a research field within geography has been somewhat restrained by the traditional fragmentation into the sub-disciplines. This compartmentalisation partly overlaps with the prominence of interdisciplinary thematic fields such as development studies, urban and regional studies and migration studies – all of which have a large contingent of geographers among leading researchers in Norway. By bringing in our individual research interests and experiences, we aim to nurture a common ground at a higher level of abstraction that can foster innovation by breaking out of traditional compartments and simultaneously strengthen engagement with the conceptual core of geography as a discipline.


The Norwegian Network on Geographies of Mobilities is a means through which new conversations about mobility can be established. The primary objective of the network is to create meeting points and establish channels that enable theoretical discussions, writing and dissemination. This contributes to increasing the volume, quality and visibility of research that addresses human mobility in various forms with a disciplinary base in geography. New forms of inter-institutional collaboration, increased internationalisation and more international publishing are integral to this objective. The network pursues this primary objective through seven specific secondary objectives:

  1. Identify and map mobility-related research in Norwegian geography and make this information accessible through the network web site
  2. Organize annual workshops with an invited international speaker
  3. Organize one international conference panel every year on a theme related to the network’s objectives
  4. Collaborate on publishing by way of special journal issues and journal articles
  5. Finance and develop a PhD course on geographies of mobilities, in collaboration with the national researcher school in geography (for both Norwegian and international candidates)
  6. Submit several applications for research funding that includes network members from two or more institutions
  7. Map and coordinate teaching and supervision on mobility between the institutions involved


The network is based on individual membership by geographers at Norwegian institutions who conduct research related to mobilities. There is no membership fee, but specific network activities may require participant fees. See the Contact page for information about membership.


The network is organized by NTNU; the coordinator is Cathrine Brun. The coordinator works closely with a steering group with one member from each of the founding institutions. The steering group together with the coordinator will have the decision making power in allocating funds for session organisation and assistance for publishing. The web site is maintained by PRIO.